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Special Diet For Fat Stomachs And Thick Waistlines

If it’s your stomach and waistline that’s bothering you, here’s your diet!

High Protein PEP And ENERGY Diet

Lets you eat more and these foods protect your health and keep up your energy

“SECRETS” To Speed Reducing

Important ideas to help you take off fat faster….. easier. Discovered in 18 years of reducing thousands.

2-Day “Jolt Off Pounds” Diet

If you need to lose a few pounds quickly, this diet will do it! Also recommended for weight standstills.

Shrink Your Stomach Diet

Shrinks stomach, gets appetite under control, tells you how to lose the first few pounds quickly, safely!

Why Be Hungry? Eat All You Want

of foods listed in this booklet. Get as slim as you want… and stay slim!

Pound A Day “Miracle” Diet

An infallible diet that insures the loss of at least a pound a day! Can be repeated 3 days each month!

Dehydration Diet For Those Who Crave Sweets

The fastest and most pleasant of all! Helps fight your worst enemy!

High Protein Diet For Women Past 35

Excellent helpful diet for people of ALL AGES! Combines plenty-to-eat with rapid weight loss! Very popular!

The Famous Rice Diet

Frequently prescribed by physicians for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure); also excellent for people who want to lose a few pounds F-A-S-T!

Special Diet For Fat Hips And Thighs

If your weight is below the waist, this diet will slim you!

Famous Banana Diet

World renowned medical hospital diet, very filling, satisfying, easy to follow, takes weight off rapidly

Slim Fast In 9 Day!

If you have 9 pounds to lose, this will do it! A fast start for 90!

18 Day 18 Pound Diet

This diet insures the safe loss of considerable poundage in only 18 days

How To Stay Thin After Losing Fat

Getting thin is one thing -staying thin another! This tells how

7 Day, 7 Pound Diet

Follow this, lose 7 lbs. in 1 week